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Our main features

Quality & Efficience


Centralized Billing

Collect CDR automatically from multiple sources whether it is FTP, VOIP Gateways, or CSV and bring all data into NEON to generate single multi-services invoice.


Worldwide available

The modern world is in a continuous movement and people everywhere are looking for quick, safe means of accessing


Secure & easy

Every call is secure with SIP and AES encryption. There is no possibility of wiretapping your call over the internet.


Call Recording

Enable automatic call recording on all/ selected inbound and outbound traffic. You can set this feature for all or selected extensions.


Customer Portal

For your clients to view their data e.g. invoices, payments, CDRs, rates and make payments so you can be paid on-time.


24/7 support

Our Support Team is always available during working hours for complimentary technical assistance. Urgent queries can be dealt with on weekend too!



High availability is the result of scalability. Run your services on single or multiple servers. Add/ remove as many as you require. No service interruption if you power off any server.


Multi Tenant

Multitenant is the core feature of IP PBX. The client can add unlimited tenants and extensions on a single instance. Every client will have a customized application interface.


Web API & Integration

Using the globally-recognized REST APIs, you can perform all call functions quickly. Every API is secured with HTTP. Better integration means faster and reliable conversations.

Why do I need CrossOver IPx

How it works?


Find out our Amazing features

  • Business Voice 80%
  • Unified Communications 80%
  • Contact Center 70%
  • Network Services 80%


What customers say about us

The cost savings from switching to IP PBX have been amazing! We’ve eliminated expensive traditional phone lines and are now enjoying all the benefits of a unified communication system. It’s a win-win!

Michael T.

We were hesitant about moving to a cloud-based system, but this IP PBX has proven to be incredibly reliable. The uptime is fantastic, and the disaster recovery features give us peace of mind.

Luis W.

Since switching to our IP PBX software, our team collaboration has skyrocketed! Everyone can chat, video conference, and call seamlessly, no matter where they’re working from. It’s a huge time saver and keeps our projects moving smoothly.

Aleen Valzac

Our old phone system was a nightmare. This IP PBX is a breath of fresh air. The call routing is so smart, it ensures customers always reach the right person the first time. It’s improved our customer service dramatically.

Alex Joan

Why choose us?


Safe and Secured

We offer 24/7 support, highly fault tolerant cloud infrastructure and a lot of fully qualified engineers at your service.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

With 20+ years in the telecom industry we guarantee the experience you can depend on.


World Wide Available

We choose top cloud providers to deploy our solution. You can have you infrastructure as nearest as possible to your needs.

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